Creative Expedition to the Far East, part 1 - Khabarovsk. 2015 May 22

Creative Expedition to the Far East. Part 1 - Khabarovsk

2015 May 22 

The expedition started on may 21 from Moscow, but actually began on the morning of 22 may in Khabarovsk - Russia's too big Country.

In our team were: Mikhail Alekseev, Berkutova Natalya, Dubrovskaya Julia, Lyubimkin Alexey, Peryshkov Dmitry and Yudanov Vladimir. Since most of our team members except pictures are doing and business, it is possible to find the most convenient time that is acceptable to all was difficult. Thus, we planned to Khabarovsk two full days, then we had the Sakhalin island, where we spent four days, not counting arrival/fly and two more days remained in Vladivostok.

This is the first part of my personal (Alexey Lyubimkin) report on joint with fellow photographers her trips to the Far East. Represent The Khabarovsk!

Frankly, before the trip had no idea about this city, but could imagine that a little something decent to be able to see... and was pleasantly mistaken.
Show all I could see in one day. Clean, pleasant town, situated on the hills, which has its own unique character. This city, two recognizable landmarks which are reflected in the 5-thousand dollar bill. The city with its beautiful promenade, sandy river beach and a stunning Park next to it. The city with wonderful people, and one which the photographer Dmitry morghulis gave us all a unique evening tour on an abandoned tower with stunning views. In other words, if you accidentally be buried there at least one day you will definitely be things to do...

























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