Creative Expedition to the Far East, part 7 - Sakhalin. 2015 May 28

Creative Expedition to the Far East. Sakhalin - Third Day. 2015 May 28

Yujno-Sakhalinsk Regional Museum.

And another sketch on Sakhalin... finally! Yujno-Sakhalinsk Regional Museum.
Honor of the discoverer of the island is owned by the famous Italian Marco Polo in the thirteenth century, however, even in the early nineteenth century, when our famous I. F. Krusenstern examined in detail Sakhalin, he was sure that it was a Peninsula, connected by an isthmus to the mainland... However since the nineteenth century, these territories became part of Russia. After the Russo-Japanese war 1904-1905 (and under pressure from the USA) the island was divided strictly by 50 Parallels and 40 years of the southern part was under Japanese protectorate until the end of world war II in September 1945. The only architectural reminder of this period of Japanese rule left the building of the Governor's Museum, built in 1937 in the style of "Imperial crown".
Sorry that I allowed myself to lead this little long historical background, but without it there is too many questions... besides it's just fun for everyone, and in our case - modern photo-travelers from distant Moscow is just necessary! And some more words about difficult feelings, when you're here. The building was built by the Japanese government, and today, after almost 80 years it is no exaggeration to say, the first (if not the only) architectural attraction of the island... I've been in Japan, studied at the Institute, read in books... is nothing surprising in the building no. But the fact that it is not even in the neighborhood, and right inside another world called "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk", it's very impressive.... its contrast... so here are some photos of sketches from the "other world" of Sakhalin island...



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