Creative Expedition to the Far East, part 6 - Sakhalin. 2015 May 27

Creative Expedition to the Far East. Sakhalin - Fourth Day.   2015 May 27

Helecopter trip.

Today we continue our journey to Sakhalin are already on the helicopter. Sorry, we were not able to get a bigger car and therefore, according to the apt remark of our friend Alexei Druzhinin flight took place in the concept of "asbab"! Nevertheless, I hope that we have managed, at least partially, to bring the beauty of the island and opened before us the efforts of our landscapes, all-male company! Of course with the height of the world takes on a different scale. More wholly formed and textured before the audience the scenery, the feeling of flying adds adrenaline and emotions! We flew past the rock Frogs", visited the Cape, "Giant", has studied the geometry of the many lakes at the head of the most ambitious and arguably the most beautiful lake of all of Sakhalin "tynaicha" wander by "Birch" the island, situated in the middle of the lake.... When you understand that before us appeared only one-hundredth part of Sakhalin, you know, the place on earth you can admire the infinite.... And most importantly, understand that most likely you will be back here again to continue the journey today...




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