Creative Expedition to the Far East, part 4 - Sakhalin. 2015 May 26

Creative Expedition to the Far East. Sakhalin - Third Day. 2015 May 26

Let's start our 3rd day on Sakhalin with a trip to the port city of Korsakov. It is directly South of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Working town pleased with its magnificent views of the sea, the picturesque port and the Central steel sculpture, looking here, among old buildings absolute avant-garde of the beginning of the XXI century! The culmination of the 1st half of the day was the view from the hill at the local lighthouse. And on the way out of town we saw a small Church, which was a male monastery. Of course we couldn't stop. Sakhalin began to reveal its grandeur and beauty to the fullest. Today we will see the incredible beauty of the island with height of bird's flight in the afternoon, but for now enjoy the first half....



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