Creative Expedition to the Far East, part 3 - Sakhalin. 2015 May 25

Creative Expedition to the Far East. Sakhalin - Second Day.   2015 May 25

Continue our journey to Sakhalin. Today is the 2nd day and will be met with capital of the region of the South Sakhalin. To know that until 1945, the southern half of Sakhalin island was Japanese! The war there was even until the autumn of 1945. So our new city starts its history from that period. It is clear that we can see.....Yes the city proper and not hide anything, but rather proudly exhibits his concrete "Khrushchev" and shows how worthy to live in these circumstances. I went through some yards away from the center, walked along the main street of the World, visited the Central squares, in parks. Clean, green, well maintained, naive, very nice "touch", the city that is very much like its inhabitants. I have traveled half the world and here in the Russian province was prepared to see something depressing and "not humane" and wrong again! Learn To Yuzhno - Sakhalinsk.



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